Words of life

When it comes to Scripture, I find myself relating to it in one of four ways:

1. Avoiding it because I’m not ready or willing to change.
2. Ignoring it because I think I know it already
3. Reading it for the purpose of learning something in order to teach others.
4. Devouring it because I’m hungry for God and desperate to change my heart and renew my mind.

I have spent time in each of these camps over the last year but happily find myself spending more time in #4 as of late and I’m seeing the difference that makes in my life.

It is my experience that nothing compares to opening up the words of scripture and trusting that these words are true and are there for the purpose of restoring what has been broken, healing what is wounded, and making new that which has faded or died.

When people were walking away from Jesus to trust in other pursuits or ways of doing life, Jesus asked those around him if they were going to leave as well.  Peter responded with,

Where can we go?  You have the words that give life.”   (John 6:68)

I echo Peter.  I confess that I often wander off the path and think that life can be found in other places.   But these words of God always call me back home, ready to mend whatever is broken in me.

Where would you put yourself in the 4 camps I mentioned above?   I continue to pray each day that I would have a deeper, renewed hunger for the words of God that give me, and you, life.

grace and peace.


2 thoughts on “Words of life”

  1. Hey Brother! It’s Matt Martin. I can relate to you on all 4 points and am now experiencing that hunger to feed on God’s precious Word for that renewing and healing and empowering that only comes through the knowledge and power of scripture. Stay focused on our King Jesus, and stay humble and feeding on His Word. Love you brother. Glory to our King Jesus Christ

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