Turning the other cheek by Peter Rollins

Wonderful, and convicting, piece by Pete Rollins on Jesus’ instruction to turn the other cheek

Grace Conspiracy

Peter Rollins has word processed a fan-tab-u-lous book titled The Orthodox Heretic and other impossible tales (2009, Paraclete Press)

My favorite parable from the collection is about “turning the other cheek.” In pages 19-23, Rollins sets the scene.

We are standing and watching Jesus address a disorderly mob, gathered around him. There must be hundreds of people pushing in to hear his words, most of the audience is poor and hungry. The place is packed with the sick, the dispossessed, the widow, the orphan, all the ones without a voice and without hope.

We, the comfortable, watch as Jesus stands before them, offering words of blessing…

upon the poor in spirit,

for those who are mourning,

for those who are meek,

for those who are merciful despite their hardships,

those who pure in spirit,

and upon those who seek peace rather than war

Jesus is challenging these struggling ones, “Love…

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