Banking ALL on the Passion of Christ by Lyndell Hetrick Holtz

Proud of my mom and the work she has allowed Christ to do in her and in her marriage.


I get several emails from Christian women (and a few men) who have read my book seeking counsel on how to return to a passionless marriage after they have ended an affair. What they want to find in their marriage is expressed in many ways, but the theme is always the same: “I wish I could duplicate in my marriage the passion, the “high” that I found in my affair.” They cannot imagine finding happiness in their marriage without experiencing the passionate high that an adulterous affair brings.

I totally understand their wish, for it is what stalled me from reconciling with my husband for almost 3 years! Unless I could manufacture in my marriage the same titillating experiences, the same excitement and passion that my affair gave me then there was no hope for a happy, let alone passionate marriage.

Eventually I realized how foolish we all are for…

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