Join my XXXChurch Online Support Group!

Dear readers, I’m excited to have been invited to lead an online accountability/support group for men struggling with sexual addiction/compulsion through XXXChurch‘s platform, X3Groups.


The group I will be leading will meet every Monday morning at 9AM (EST).   All the information about signing up or about other times available with other great group leaders can be found at the X3Group website.

I can only host 10 group members so hurry and sign up!    If you know of someone who could use this in their life (and who are we kidding, we all need it!), please share this with them.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers!    May God set many who are in bondage free!



3 thoughts on “Join my XXXChurch Online Support Group!”

    1. Hey Jeff, there could be an opening in the next few days. I will let you know as soon as that happens. Keep checking the site though because sometimes someone for reasons of work schedule or whatever drops and I find out about it only after someone new signs up (I am not in charge of the sign-ups).

      merry Christmas!

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