In order to be free from the bondage of habitual sin – whether that be addiction to pornography or anything else – one must learn the significance of obedience. It’s the key that makes the difference between a life of defeat and the life of those who are “more than conquerors” (Rom. 8:37).

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I’m reading Andrew Murray’s excellent book, The Life of Obedience.  This rings true to me:

The one thing God asked of Adam in the Garden was obedience.  The one thing by which a creature can glorify God or enjoy His favor and blessing is obedience.  The single cause of the power of sin in the world and the ruin it has caused is disobedience.  From Adam we have inherited a tendency to willfulness, to selfishness, to disobedience.  The whole curse of sin on us is due to Adam’s disobedience, which we, of course, have also chosen.  By our own choice we become the “children of disobedience.”  Clearly, the one work for which we needed Christ was to remove this disobedience – its curse, its dominion, its evil nature, and all its workings.  Disobedience is the root of all sin and misery. The first objective of His salvation was to…

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