Do I Love God or Just Love Loving Him?

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Jesus asked, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” (Luke 6:46).   This is a question I need reminding of often.  Obedience – or how I am walking, living, thinking, etc. – matters to Jesus a great deal.  It’s the difference between saying I love God and actually loving Him (Jesus said those who love, obey).

I read that this morning just prior to hearing a clip from John Piper on a similar topic.  The title caught my eye:  “Do I Love God or Just Love Loving Him?   A caller wanted to know how he could know the difference, and Piper gives him 4 “tests”, or ways we can know whether our love is a genuine love or more of an infatuation.

I realize not everyone likes John Piper, but I believe he has much to teach us.   While…

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One thought on “Do I Love God or Just Love Loving Him?”

  1. This is a very significant point. Many times we don’t realize that we seek God for the consolations we receive in seeking and spending time with Him- our own feel good experience, actually. A mature love regards the beloved for His own sake. And we all have to grow up in love. The thing is, that this is really counter cultural, and in some ways, advanced placement humanity. We rely on Jesus Christ to give us the love and the grace to develop into adult Christians who love God for Who He is- and submit to His sovereign will because it is His will- and we know it is His will because He allows it to happen to us. He doesn’t have to ask our permission, get our ok, or our input- before He cashes the blank check we should be writing with Him with our lives. The virtue of abandonment to Divine Providence is most often exemplified through patience and confidence in God’s love for us even when everything is coming apart in our world, our preferences, our desires etc.; and in humble acceptance of hardship as a means of penance (reformative training) for our persistent bad habits or sins.

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