On Being the Head of my Wife

In my sermon Sunday I shared a little about my Mother’s Day Fail. Here is more of that story, but the important thing I hope this conveys is a call and a challenge for us all to better serve our spouse as Christ has and continues to serve us. Blessings to you!

umc holiness

A month ago I was a guest on Jesse Lee Peterson’s radio show, “Preachers in the Pulpit.”   I was there under the pretense of getting to share my testimony and the amazing things God is doing at the church I am privileged to serve.    But that didn’t happen.   The second question my host asked me (the first one was, “Were you called to preach or did you go to school?) was,

Are you the head of your wife?

I knew I was in for a long hour.

Are you the head of your wife?   It’s not a question I get asked very often, which I’m sure was made obvious by my fumbling around searching for the right words on live radio.   However, I’m ready to answer that question without hesitation today.    But first a story about my Mother’s Day failure yesterday.

It has…

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