Prayer: The Deeps

A friend sent this to me today.  It’s an old Puritan prayer, and it’s too good not to share.   

Prayer: “The Deeps”

Lord Jesus, Give me a deeper repentance, a horror of sin, a dread of its approach; help me chastely to flee it, and jealously to resolve that my heart shall be thine alone. Give me a deeper trust, that I may lose myself to find myself in thee, the ground of my rest, the spring of my being. Give me a deeper knowledge of thyself, as saviour, master, lord and king. Give me deeper power in private prayer, more sweetness in thy Word, more steadfast grip on its truth. Give me deeper holiness in speech, thought, action, and let me not seek moral virtue apart from thee. Plough deep in me, great Lord, heavenly husbandman, that my being may be a tilled field, the roots of grace spreading far and wide, until thou alone art seen in me, thy beauty golden like summer harvest, they fruitfulness as autumn plenty. I have no master but thee, no law but thy will, no delight by thyself, no wealth but that thou givest, no good but that thou blessest, no peace but that thou bestowest. I am nothing but that thou makest me, I have nothing but that I receive from thee, I can do nothing but that grace adorns me. Quarry me deep, dear Lord, and then fill me to overflowing with living water.

3 thoughts on “Prayer: The Deeps”

  1. I like this image a lot. It makes me think of the way I always have to till the soil as a gardener if I want my vegetables to do anything. We need to be tilled and dredged by God so that the joy can rush over us like the water the deer was seeking in Psalm 42. Another image that comes to mind for me in praying like this uses a slightly different metaphor. I love John 3:8 where it talks about the wind that blows where it wants to. When my heart is filled with idols, I am not free. I’m a stick in the mud. It’s a fake freedom that actually weighs me down and makes me a stubborn slave to myself. All of the blowing God does on my soul only hardens me and makes me more stuck when I’m living in rebellion. The mud turns to concrete. So when I pray, I ask God to make me as light and free of agendas and idols as a leaf that he can blow wherever he wants to.

  2. Thank you for sharing that Puritan prayer. I needed it and will pass it on. I was curious if you knew who the author us?

    Also, I want to bless you and your wife for ministering to many through “Desire Mercy”

    Lord Bless, Jane Dye


    1. Thank you, Jane. I’m not sure who the prayer is by. When I google the title it pops up in a few different devotionals or prayer books but I have yet to see a name attached to it. I’m glad it blessed you!

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