Depression and God’s Word

While I was away this weekend talking to college students about sexual purity, my wife, Amy, shared a powerful word with our church about how God delivered her from the bonds of depression.    Take some time to listen to her powerful story as she points us all to an all-powerful God and His healing, life-giving words.


3 thoughts on “Depression and God’s Word”

  1. LOVED it Amy! I would have liked to have been there to hear, I so enjoy testimonies sharing the greatness and realness of our God. Think you might have a bit of preacher in you too, sounds like Jesus to me.

  2. Hi Chad and Amy.

    I follow your blogs everyday. Your testimonies and sharing have meant so much to me. The Lord is using your post to really touch the lives of others.

    My husband also went to PLM, in July of 2013 but got kicked out this past Jan. and we are in the process of divorcing. When he got back he decided to take an over-the-road trucking job and recently confessed to still living in sexual sin. I don’t want to divorce him but he won’t get help. I still pray for my husband everyday and will continue even after we are divorced. It will take a miracle from The Lord to change him and I hope he will choose to follow The Lord one day (today would be nice).

    I finished my 12th week in the “at home” program today with PLM (Mar 25th) . and I am so glad for the way The Lord has met me through this time with my counselor.

    Amy, watching this video just made me cry. I could see the change you described in your live. I was so touched by your testimony. I battle with the “blues” from time to time but nothing like you described in this video. Praise The Lord, He delivered you from this. I just so enjoy to see the “realness” of The Lord in my fellow brothers and sisters. This gives me great encouragement to (happily) go on in The Lord.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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