The Heart of the Matter

An article I wrote about revival in the Methodist church was published on a website called Seedbed.    Readers of this blog will, I trust, benefit from some of Rev. Sangster’s advice which I share in that post.   Any real move of God in our lives will only begin when we stop pointing fingers at others, or at our past, or at our present and look within our own hearts.

You can read it here:  The Heart of the Matter

One thought on “The Heart of the Matter”

  1. Thanks for posting Chad….
    This week I was criticizing the pastors sermons and the men’s ministry focus without praying for them. I needed to be reminded: “Lord, is it I?” I AM burdened that our church is more focused on walking with Jesus than merely knowing ABOUT Jesus…but my job is to pray first and be what I need to be. Glad for this reminder…

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