What Freedom Looks Like

This is a recent Facebook status my wife wrote:

I know there are some pastor’s spouses who lament not having a real “pastor”. But, I am grateful and blessed to have my husband as my pastor! He ministers to me and I know his heart. I get the privilege of watching him walk out his faith everyday, so when he speaks truth to me it helps me that much more. What a gift this man is to my life and my soul!

I don’t share this to boast apart from boasting about the mighty work God has done in our lives – as individuals and as a couple.     It’s hard to believe that just 2 years ago at this time we were sitting in divorce court, far removed from one another…

And far removed from God.

The above quote from my lovely wife is a testament to the miraculous, reconciling work God has done in each of our hearts to restore our faith in Him and in each other.   This is what freedom looks like for me.   And it’s glorious!


This same woman who once told me that if God existed He must be a monster for creating a monster like me will be the one doing the preaching this week as she speaks at our church on the sacred role of being a faithful wife.    Neither of us would have dreamed such a thing could happen 2 years ago.   But that’s what God does – greater things than we could think or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

That’s what freedom looks like for us.

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